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OCUPATION:  Pastor / Entrepreneur /  Community Builder

SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview

Born in the public projects of New York City (NYC), this self-made millionaire always knew that his success was connected to Africa the motherland. After seeing how heart broken his mother was when he got himself in trouble with the law in his early teens, Melvin Maxwell decided to apply himself to anything that would make his mother proud of him, and keep him a positive and exemplary member of the community. Through the education, the Nation Of Islam, the US Armed Forces, and entrepreneurship, Pastor Melvin M. Maxwell was able to maximize his potential, and he is now empowering others in his local community, and in Africa to do the same.


Join international media personality Gil Ingles on this radio televised in-depth Diaspora Central Spotlight interview with the East Friendship Baptist Church's Senior Pastor Melvin M. Maxwell, as he shares the importance of community self-sufficiency, exploring available business opportunities in Africa, and spreading  messages of hope and prosperity.  



SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview

Born in exile to guerrilla fighter parents, António (Tony) Henriques Silva has overcome many personal and professional challenges to become the symbol of the new African nationalist.

During his latest brief visit to the United States of America to attend Angola USA Business Association's annual Business Forum in Houston Texas, Tony Henriques (as he is known to most), took a few minutes off of his busy schedule to stop by Diaspora Central and give Gil Ingles a brief Spotlight interview.

Tune-In to be inspired by the personal and professional journey of this progressive thinking entrepreneur that is today the Chairman of the Board of Angola's AIPEX - Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency; and be empowered by learning more about the many business and investment opportunities available in The Republic of Angola.

NOTE: Although the guest is formally known as "António Henriques Silva", we on this Spotlight interview chose to respectfully refer to him by his nickname "Tony" or his late father's nickname "Dingwanza" as a form of endearment.



OCUPATION:  Singer / Choreographer /  Community Builder

SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview

Determined and unafraid to be who she was destined to be, Rita Cohen started searching for her best version at a very young age; but it was not until she got to the United States that she found herself in the world of arts sharing her gift of dance and song.


Join Rita Cohen, a classic vocalist by trade, dance instructor, community activist, and founder of the Tidewater African Cultural Alliance (TACA) shares her life journey, and the circumstances that led her to deviate from her childhood desire to be a medical doctor in a Diaspora Central Spotlight interview with Gil Ingles. 



OCUPATION:  Miss African Union / Model

SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview

Ever wondered what it takes to be a Princess or a Queen? Ask the awesome, beautiful, courageous, driven, eloquent, fabulous, gorgeous, and intelligent Lukwesa Morin.

Born in Togo to a Zambian mother and a French-Togolese father, Lukwesa was raised in the United States to represent the diverse heritages that she is a part of; therefore, it is no surprise that this natural global goodwill ambassador is the first to be crowned Miss African Union.

In a Diaspora Central Spotlight interview with Gil Ingles, Lukwesa Morin shares her inspirational and empowering life journey. 



OCUPATION:  Business Executive

SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview

After a fulfilled career as a Vice President of Enrollment and Admissions for Strayer University in the US, where he was born and raised Reginald Rainey decided to retire from Strayer, and adventure into his desire to be a part of the development of the educational institutions in the African continent.


Today as the Director of Operations for Maarifa Education, and as one of the most influential American figures in the educational systems of several African countries Reginald Rainey shares his journey and some of his experiences in this Diaspora Central Spotlight interview with Gil Ingles.



OCUPATION:  Singer / Songwriter

SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview

One of the most soulful AfroPop voices of the African Diaspora, Artist/Songwriter VALEE Music highlights a few details of her music career in a  Diaspora Central interview with Gil Ingles, as she showcases her hybrid sound and exotic beauty on the music videos "Watora Moyo", and "Sondela".

A native of Zimbabwe - Africa, VALEE Music fuses some of her Zimbabwean roots with her British culture, as she pens her hopelessly romantic songs.

Join VALEE Music  as she shares her professional journey in this Spotlight Interview on Diaspora Central with Gil Ingles.



OCUPATION:  CEO Motivational Moore, LLC

SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview


Dynamic inspirational media personality, and multi-talented artist Chardelle Moore talks about the life and professional journey that made her a Diaspora trailblazer. Taking the best from her experiences at Kali TV, BET, CBS Radio, and FOX45 this Dominica native that resides in the Washington DC Metropolitan area founded Motivational Moore, LLC - a successful multimedia communications company that is elevating human consciousness, and empowering people with knowledge and tools that helps them break away from limited beliefs, and release their boundless potential.


OCUPATION:  Artist / Producer / Entrepreneur

SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview


A visionary Artist, Instrumentalist, Entrepreneur, and exemplary Family Man represents the Diaspora to the fullest by way of Jamaica, and Nigeria. Currently based in the Gulf Coast, Houston - Texas to be specific, HEPH B is an international award winning artist that respectfully wears the crown of King of Afro-DanceHall; a genre of music that unapologetically  showcases his heritage.

One of the most decorated artists in the Diaspora, HEPH B has  been nominated for awards in categories alongside other global renown artists such as Davido, Shatta Walle, and GRAMMY winning icon BURNA BOY.


Join this trailblazer author of "Kosere" as he shares the "Best Feeling" of his personal and professional journey in a Spotlight Interview on Diaspora Central with Gil Ingles.  




SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview


Reinvention and adaptability are two traits necessary to survive the fast changing entertainment industry anywhere in the globe. Find out how Rico Versal an artist from he Republic of Angola in the London - UK, continually innovates his music career to remain relevant in the industry.


With the release of the singles 'Anxious', 'Fantasy', and 'Nana' Rico Versal continues to maintain an active presence in the Diaspora music market as an artist.

Tune-in to watch Rico Versal share his persistent artistic Journey in a Diaspora Central Spotlight with Gil Ingles.


GUEST:  DAPPERV ( OlatunBosun ) 

OCUPATION:  Producer/ Creative Director

SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview

Actor, film producer, and director Olatunbosun also known as DAPPERV stops by Diaspora Central for a profile interview with Gil Ingles and shares stories of the moments that led to the inception of one of the most successful Diaspora media creation collectives based in Houston -TEXAS.

An exercise science graduate graduate from the University of Alabama DAPPERV knew that he calling was to  coach individuals; therefore after working two years as a sports coach, he decided to trade the play clipboard for the film clapboard, the bench for the directors chair, and the players for actors.

Now as an artist, actor, film producer, and  creative director, DAPPERV has several short movies, Online shows, and music videos under his belt that showcase his Afro Culture advocate role, and heritage.



OCUPATION:  International DJ

SHOW GENRE:  Spotlight Interview

Born in Portugal to immigrant parents from Cape  Verde, DJ Guelas would find himself in the United States of America in his late teens pioneering the promotion of Kizomba dance and African Music while attending to attend school.


Today a successful promoter, and founding member of the popular Miami Beach Kizomba Festival (MBKF), DJ Guelas sits down with Gil Ingle of Diaspora Central  to share his entertainment journey, and ambition to promote African culture.

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